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Prachpro is a Real Estate productivity app built to boost the productivity, efficiency and professionalism of real estate practitioners.

Prachpro users earn commissions from making direct sales and lease of properties listed or indirect commissions from specific property sales made by their referrals.

Most importantly, Prachpro enhances your ability to practice Real estate marketing more effectively from your comfort zone.
Other benefits….
The chat service Prachpro provides makes closing of deals real fast and also for record purpose.

Users can track their productivity level on Prachpro for the purpose of self-appraisal.

Portfolio generation is a big benefit on Prachpro as users can confidently present a well-designed performance record to their clients.

All parties involved in a deal get transaction emails as evidences of real estate engagement.

Post direct briefs, shortlets, and client requests at a go for others to see.

Users can schedule inspection time and date with all parties. Others can know what day an agent is available for inspection.

Prachpro users get frequent and adequate training for free on the app.

Prachpro offers valuable incentives to her active users that would optimize their overall lifestyle.

Kindly visit “setting” to upload your bank account details. When you make a sale on any featured listings, your commission will be transferred to your account immediately by the real estate firm you sold for.

Verification gives you full access to all the benefits Prachpro offers, all the platform’s basic features, and also makes you eligible for incentives, giveaways and the indirect commissions from your referrals.

Yes, you can book inspections and as well let everyone know the time you would be available for inspections. Kindly visit the Prachpro Getting Started page to know how to do this.

At Prachpro, we have a referral system that allows you to invite people to sign up.
When you invite someone using your referral link, that person becomes your referral.
For example, if Peter invites Sarah, Peter is Sarah's upline, and Sarah is Peter's referral.

We won’t want to see you go. But if you have to go, you simply send us a mail notifying us of your intention. Then your profile will be shut down as requested.

At Prachpro, we have a referral system that allows you to invite people to sign up.
When you invite someone using your referral link, that person becomes your referral.
For example, if Peter invites Sarah, Peter is Sarah's upline, and Sarah is Peter's referral.

Get the property coordinate/information from the real estate and visit the state government.

Due diligence can be described as the verification, legitimacy and track records of properties from the real estate companies and state government.

On the App Homepage, you get to see: 
->Your username and an avatar sign (which lead you to your profile page)
->Your current transactions
->Quick Links and
->Recent Activities

What should i do after Signing up?

A verification code will be sent to your email. Copy the code and complete registration then continue searching for your desired property or listing your property

What should I do if I can't find a protery for my client ?

Post a client request, a user with your client’s specifications will get in touch with you via PrachPro’s chat system Settings
The settings page is where you can: 
1.Update profile information
2.Update account information
3.Change user password
4.Verify account

How to Share Referral Code

1.From the homepage, Tap the Avatar sign on the right-hand side to get to the user’s profile. 
2.Below your profile is the blue sign captioned “Share Referral Code” Tap the icon and share to your preferred client. 

How to Add Properties

1.Tap on the property icon on the homepage or by pulling out the side menu by tapping the Burberry icon on the top left. 
2.On the properties page, tap the Blue Plus(+) icon on the bottom right > Select for Direct Brief or Urgent Request > Enter property description, location and commission then upload Images and tap Submit at the extreme top right of the last page.

How To Filter Listings 

1.Tap the filter icon on the extreme top right of the properties page
2.Listed properties can be filtered by: 
Property type
Category and
Post type

How to track your performance

1.Tap on the side bar
2.You find the ‘view profile’ icon
3.Tap on view report and then filter,
4.Select a date range and then the filter icon below.

How to generate your portfolio

Tap the ‘view report’ icon, your portfolio would be automatically generated.

How to send Transaction Emails

1.Tap the side bar
2.Scroll down and tap the Transaction icon
3.Tap the Off Prachpro icon,
4.The next is to input the necessary data, and submit.
5.Both parties would receive confirmation emails and should click confirm and the deal gets officially closed and another email.

How to schedule inspection

1.Tap the Side bar
2.Scroll down to the Properties icon
3.Tap the Home icon on the top right of your screen
4.Tap on My Property Listing
5.You see three dots, tap and you see a list of actions.
6.Tap the manage inspection time, go to create icon right below and input your preferred time and day

How to share deals to clients

1.Tap on the side menu bar
2.Go to Properties.
3.Select any property you want to share and tap the share feature right below the property.
4.Select either a client or an agent and share.