How to make money on this platform

How to make money on this platform

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  • Date 14-04-2020

Prachpro offers a range of opportunities to earn an income, either as a full time real estate agent or as a part time endeavor.

PrachPro was designed as a win win situation for all parties involved.

The first way to earn money on the PrachPro platform is to directly engage in marketing the real estate listings on PrachPro. PrachPro has already done the hard work of collating real estate listing with commissions available for sale. Our well vetted real estate developers have mandated us to offer commission payments to anyone that brings a buyers for their property(ies). All you have to do is continually share the properties from our app on all your social media platforms and through word of mouth. If you are able to refer a potential buyer to the property owner through our app, and the referral leads to a sale, you can potentially earn as high as 12% of the value of the property.                                                           

The second way to earn money on our platform is to collaborate with other real estate agents. Real estate agents post urgent client requests, and direct briefs on our app. They are willing to share their agency fee with anybody that brokers the deal. For example an Agent named Olu posts a direct brief of a rental property worth N1,000,000 (one million naira). He has posted on the app and is willing to share his agency fees 50/50 with whoever brings an individual interested in renting. You on the other hand sees this posting and coincidentally have a friend looking for an accommodation that matches Agent Olu’s property. You can collaborate with Agent Olu on the app through our messaging system and set up inspection of the property on the app. Once the deal is finalized, Agent Olu receives his N100,000 fees and credits you with N50,000 according to the agreement.

The third way to earn money on the platform is to sign up as an affiliate marketer. When you sign up as an affiliate marketer you earn N1,000 for every verified user you are able to sign up with your referral code. You can get other perks based on other milestone achieved. These perks vary from cars to all-expense paid trips.

The last way to earn on the platform is to recruit your own army of sellers. You can recruit your downlines by sharing your referral code with them. With your army of downlines in place you can earn a small commission whenever any of your downlines successfully brokers the sale of a “prachprolisting” property.

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